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Greetings and salutations!

I’m a YA writer repped by the one and only Sarah Davies of Greenhouse Literary. My debut novel, WORDS AND THEIR MEANINGS came out in September, 2014, with Flux.

Some details: I was born in 1978 (year of The Horse, if you’re a fan of the Chinese Zodiac) in Saginaw, Michigan. I could have (might have) won contests for having the county’s biggest cheeks as a child.

me with the rents, in early cheekdom.

me with the rents, in early cheekdom.

My little brother likes to remind me of this. I like to remind him he was bald until age 2.  I spent my youth bouncing between a country club and, um, the detention room. My mom likes to say I got a PH.D in Life Lessons (which is a nice way of saying I got in trouble for skipping school, forgetting to do my homework, and maybe traveling across country without permission– none of which I endorse, by the way).

Want to know what I did after high school? Click here.