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73608_1668761363030_243904_n-1Seven years after I started college, I got a real degree in English with a Creative Writing emphasis and a minor in Psychology. I planned on becoming a teacher, but I wasn’t very good at “classroom control.” That’s okay, because now I get to visit high school classes and do fun writing stuff, but never have to give bad grades or send people to the principal’s office. When I quit my teaching program, I took a summer internship at a weekly newspaper in a tiny town on the shore of Lake Michigan. Since people were only slightly concerned my degree was in making stuff up instead of reporting hard facts, I decided to stay. I’m still the editor of the Harbor Light. It’s the bees knees.

I love to read and I love to tell stories. And the characters I want to tell stories about always seem to be around age 17, which is super great for a “grown up” who is a huge fan of YA literature. If you’re a teenager, you probably know why I read YA. If you’re an adult– I hope you read YA too. There’s big truths and little truths and questions without answers, plus a whole lot of wild and wonderful characters. Also, crazy-good writing.

Even though I get the travel bug at least 7.2 times a year, there’s almost nowhere I’d rather be than Harbor Springs, Michigan. Our town has an amazing book festival each fall, my favorite bookstore ever, a super cute century-old library, and the best lake on the planet. My house backs up 110 acres of woods, where I love to explore with my three kids, two dogs, and one husband.

When I’m not writing or reading or herding cats kids, I like to play in the woods, swim in Lake Michigan, and go on big adventures.

If you think it’s possible to learn anything else, check out the FAQ.